Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Upscale Kids Sale will make our check-in process as streamlined and efficient as possible. By reading the information below and understanding how the process works, you will help us keep this a fast and efficient process. We highly recommend that you print a copy of this page and bring it with you to the sale on Drop Off day in case you need to refer back to it.

Schedule a Drop-Off time here.

Before you bring your items to Drop Off:

NOTE: Consignors will be responsible for placing their items on the sales floor. Please keep this in mind as you decide when to come and plan your time accordingly.

  • Have all of your items clean, pressed, hung and tagged. Clothing should be grouped by gender and size.
  • Need to bring an envelope? You have the option of picking up your check when you pick up your unsold items after the sale. If you plan to donate your items and are not coming to Pick Up, please bring a self-addressed, stamped enveloped so we can mail your check.

When you get to the sale:

  • Look for the sign that says Check-In. At the check-in-table you will inform us if you will be coming to pick up your items or donating them, leave an envelope for your check to be mailed if you are donating, and receive your Consignor Presale pass.
  • Once you have checked in, bring your items in and lay them out on the check-in table. A volunteer will check your items for seasonality and blemishes.
  • Once all your items have been checked, they are ready to be placed on the sales floor. All Consignors should come with enough time to put their items on the sales floor. If Volunteers are not busy, they will be happy to help you with placing your items on the floor.

Before you leave:

  • Take any items that we were not able to accept with you.

Pick Up instructions:

  • Consignors have the option of picking up their unsold items. Items not picked up will become property of Upscale Kids Sale and will be donated to a local charity. If you know you would like to donate some or all of your items, please check the 'donate' box when tagging. This is very helpful because it allows us to know which unsold items do not have to be resorted by consignor number when the sale is over.
  • Your consignor profit check may be available for pick-up at this time. If you do not make it to pick-up, we will mail your check within 10 days so please make sure to bring a self-addressed stamped envelope to registration.
  • The process of picking up is very simple and efficient. You will stop at the check-in table to pick up your check. Proceed to the re-sort tables and find your number. Remaining items will be sorted onto tables with your consignor number. Large items may be separate. Please make sure you collect all of your items. We are not responsible for any items you forget to carry out.
  • There will be a lost and found area that we encourage you to look through before you leave.
  • Lastly, because our time is limited to move out of the building, all items remaining after 8:00 p.m. SHARP on Sunday will be donated.  WE CANNOT MAKE PHONE CALLS AND WAIT FOR LATE ARRIVALS.  Doors will be closed and locked on time and pick-ups will no longer be available.  We appreciate your punctuality and understanding.

Donated Items

We love the opportunity to give back to the community.  Not only do we allow our Consignors to donate their unsold items to charity, we give our Shoppers the opportunity to shop early on Saturday morning if they bring 3 canned goods for charity.  

When tagging your items, if you know you do not want an unsold item back at Pick-Up, please check the 'Donate' when tagging.  This is very helpful because it allows us to know which unsold items do not have to be resorted by consignor number.

Unsold items marked with 'Donate' on the tag or not picked up will be gratefully accepted by a local charity.

Any items left at the close of Pick-Up time will be immediately donated, as we need to vacate the building.  We cannot make reminder phone calls and wait past the end of Pick-Up hours.