Frequent SHOPPER Questions

Frequent CONSIGNOR Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?  We accept cash and credit cards--VISA, MasterCard and Discover.

Is there an admission fee to shop at the sale?  No, we want you to save your money for the great items at the sale!

How often does Upscale Kids Sale have a sale?  We have two sales a year--one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Joining our mailing list or registering will give us the chance to keep you posted on upcoming dates!

What is your return policy?  All sales are FINAL.

Why do you give Volunteers and Consignors a Special Presale Pass?  Simply put. . .because, without them, there would be no sale.  Period.  It takes MANY people to coordinate and organize a sale of this magnitude and it's our way of saying 'THANK YOU'.

Will dressing rooms be available?  No, there will be NO dressing rooms available.  You may consider bringing a tape measure and your child's measurements with you.  We will NOT allow shoppers to try on items in the bathrooms at the sale.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Consignor Questions:

Who can consign their items and become a seller?  ANYONE can consign their children's items.

What percentage of the sales do I receive?  Consignors receive 70% of their sales, less a $10.00 registration fee. Consignors who also elect to volunteer can yield up to 75% of their profits and save half their registration fee.

Will I keep the same consignor number for all sales?  Yes, you will keep the same consignment number.

What if I forgot my consignor number or my password?  No worries!  Go to the button in the upper, right-hand corner of this page and 'log in to your account'.  Then, click 'Forgot your consignor number or password?  Click Here'.

​The system will ask for your email address or your consignor number.  Your information will be immediately mailed to you. If this option does not work for you, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to look up your information for you.

When will I receive my consignor check?  You will receive your consignor check when you pick up your items that have not sold.

Tag Entering/Printing/Pricing:

How difficult is it to enter my items and print tags?  Registering online is quick and easy!  Once registered, you will be assigned a consignor number and can get started immediately.  Our exclusive online tagging system is user-friendly and you can print your bar-coded tags within minutes.  Even if you do not consider yourself to be computer savvy, this system is easy--for EVERYONE!

​Do I have to enter my items online all at the same time?  No, you can add items whenever you like 24/7.  At midnight on the Monday prior to Drop-Off Day, the tagging system will be turned off.  This  means that no more entries can be made.  However, you may still print tags and view your items.

Can you explain the categories to me?  When you start entering your items, you will see a drop-down list for the categories.  You will choose the most appropriate category for your item.  This information will give Upscale Kids Sale a rough idea of how many items are in that category for space purposes during set-up and drop-off.  There is also a drop-down menu for size, if applicable.

I am not sure how to make my own tags, can I still participate?  Of course you may!  Anyone who has ever used the web at all will be able to handle this step with ease.  Go to our Entering and Tagging page for help.  Remember to use WHITE cardstock or coverstock (65 lb. and up) when printing your tags.

How many tags print on a page?  Six (6) tags will print per page.  Please do not shrink the tags to fit more on a page.  They will not scan at checkout.

I don't have a printer, what can I do?  You may print your tags at ANY computer (be sure to use WHITE cardstock or coverstock).  You merely have to log in to the website.  We are also happy to print them for you for a small fee.  Simply contact us and we can help you out!

Why must I use cardstock or coverstock when printing my barcode tags?  Cardstock or coverstock is much more durable and will not bend and tear like standard paper.  Due to the fact that we will be scanning your items with a barcode scanner, we need to make sure the barcode is readable.  Cardstock or coverstock helps insure that we will be able to scan your item and credit you properly.  If your printer does not accept cardstock or coverstock, use the heaviest paper you have, or if you are having problems, fee free to contact us for help.  Staples sells the paper at a great deal.  Maybe a friend or two can even split the cost with you.  Please use white paper--dark or bright colored paper does not scan.

My friend doesn't have the internet, what can she do?  For those few who do not have internet access, we suggest going to a friend's home or the library.

Why must our items be priced at a minimum of $.50 cents and in $.50 cent increments?  The software we use for the online tagging system determines these guidelines.  These are the minimum requirements and we do not have control over those prices.

Hangers and Prepping Items:​

Where can I get hangers?  You can get hangers from stores like Kmart--sometimes they have extras.  They also sell plastic hangers.  Dry cleaners are another good place to buy hangers inexpensively.  Stores like Kmart, Shopko, Target, etc., sell plastic hangers.

What kind of hangers can I use?  You can use wire hangers or plastic store hangers.  You are welcome to use nicer hangers, but we have no way of returning your exact hangers to you.  Please understand, any exact hangers that you use will not be returned.

Must ALL of my clothing items be hung up?  Yes, clothing items that are hung up sell so much better than folded on the table.  For this reason, your items must be on a hanger.  ALL clothing items need to be hung with the hanger facing left (like a question mark).  Pants and jeans can be clipped or pinned to the hanger.  See Entering and Tagging.

How can I hang up pants?  Simply safety pin them to the top part of the hanger (see example).  Do not safety pin pants to the bottom part of the hanger because they slide to one side and are easily overlooked at the sale.


Do I have to volunteer or stay for the sale?  No, you are welcome to volunteer during the sale, but it is not required. All you need to do is price, tag and hang/set up your items--we do the rest and sell your items for you!

Can anyone sign up as a volunteer and attend the Volunteer Presale?  Yes, you do not need to be a Consignor in order to be a Volunteer.  You may sign up for a maximum of three (3) volunteer shifts.  Please understand, children that are volunteering need to be a minimum of 14 years of age.

What if I can't make it to my shift?  If your life changes, you have the option to go online and cancel your volunteer schedule.  We simply ask that you do this no less than 7 days prior to drop-off.  If you need to cancel after that time, you will need to find your own replacement.  In the unlikely event that you do not fulfill your volunteering responsibility or find a replacement, a $25 fee will be deducted from your consignor check.

Drop Off and Pick Up Days:

Will you accept all the items that I drop off?  We ask that all items be clean and free of stains, odors, tears, pet hair, etc., and in working condition.  We want to keep a high standard of gently-used consignment items at our sale.  Please do not be offended if we do not accept an item or if we pull an item from the sales floor.  We will be inspecting all of your electronic and battery-operated items before you set them out on the sales floor on Drop-Off Day.  All electrical items will be plugged in to insure they work.  Also, all DVD's, cassettes, CD's and VHS will be inspected.  It is easy to miss something while getting your items ready at home.  We know because we have had to pull some of our own items!

​Do I need an appointment to drop off my items?  Yes, please log in and make a pre-arranged appointment to drop off your items. It also tells us that you know when Drop-Off Day is.  It will take approximately 30 minutes to set up your items at the sale.

What if I forget to pick up my items on Pick-Up Day?  ALL items not picked up on the last day of the sale will become property of Upscale Kids Sale.  Pick-Up Day is VERY busy!  We are simply unable to hold onto all the items which are forgotten.  We wish we could, but it is merely an impossible task.  Additionally, our contract with the venue states that we need to have the building emptied by Sunday night.  Please keep in mind you may send a friend to pick up for you.

Donated Items:

Who receives the Donated Items and when do they pick them up?  We work with several charity organizations in Billings that will love to have our donated items.  We want to support our local families.  


Why don't you accept stuffed animals?  I have so many I could put in the sale.  Actually, that is one of the main reasons.  ALL of us have lots of stuffed animals and we could fill an Ark with them.  If each Consignor only brought 5 stuffed animals--with just 100 consignors we would have 500 stuffed animals!  Yikes!  Again, please do not be offended if we pull any stuffed items that may have been dropped off for the sale.  No matter how cute they are, we can't let some in and exclude others.  Stuffed toys that are battery operated are acceptable.  We consider them to be a toy.

What if I am missing an item?  Does Upscale Kids Sale pay me for the item?  Unfortunately, items do walk off the sales floor.  Upscale Kids Sale is not liable for any missing items.  We can only pay Consignors for the items that sold.  Please know, we do everything we can to keep this from happening.  Since we do not physically check in each and every item, it is impossible for us to know what was actually brought to the sale.  Please do know, Upscale Kids Sale will always do our very best to insure that your items are safe and cared for.